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Poster: StarbriteScanz Date: Aug 6, 2018 4:43am
Forum: faqs Subject: Uploads not appearing

Uploaded a CBR file last night and it hasn't appeared by the morning, not even a 'Processing'-type message or placeholder.

Re-uploaded the same file a short time ago and again, no indication of any upload status. It's as if they've vanished into some big hole.

Will these files appear, and if they do could you please delete the duplication. If I had the item's details pages I would let you have them - but since nothing is listed I obviously cannot do this.

Thank You.

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Poster: vanark Date: Aug 6, 2018 10:03am
Forum: faqs Subject: Re: Uploads not appearing

I expect the items are queued for indexing and are not lost. Please wait while the system catches up.

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Poster: _sas_ Date: Aug 6, 2018 6:25am
Forum: faqs Subject: Re: Uploads not appearing

I've got the same problem. I uploaded ten files, but they have yet to appear.